Do English teachers like local hardware store employees?

Everyone that is creative minded is always looking to expand on what they do, know, and understand. If you want to create, you want to create more, and more that is better. This is why I am glad I am a child of the information age. For a long time I wondered how did garden water fountains work before electricity was harnessed. I had come up with several logical possibilities but I wanted to know what people actually did. Instead of having to find this small piece of information in a random book in the library after hours of searching, I Google-ed it and found the answer in about 60 seconds. This example, of course, has nothing to do with enhancing my craft, but it always sticks out in my mind when I think of how accessible knowledge is today (good or bad.) Thankfully, a lot of "craft" knowledge has been fairly accessible. Most people had a master seamstress in their family, or a few great employees at their local material or craft supply store that were more than happy to pass over all of their knowledge if you just ask. It is the same with local hardware stores ( a personal favorite of mine.) The seem to cram more varied inventory, and knowledge, in their little stores than a Lowe's and a Home Depot combined. And get this... the are friendly and helpful!!!

What is that? Oh, you want to know how garden fountains were powered. Do you think I would just give that knowledge up to you freely? No! Google has made it too easy for us all. As every good high school English teacher would say, "Go look it up!" Which brings me to my first question: do English teachers like local hardware store employees for their loose lips with tips and tricks?

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