The Great Beagle Migration

Picture it: Louisville, 2009. You are staring at a beautiful grassy hill top. Serene winds blowing the hair back off of your face, the sun warming your body. You think about how summer in Louisville is more than ideal. The anticipation building in the crowd is the only thing breaking the peace you feel. You don't mind though, you too are starting to swell with excitement yourself. The peace of the day is now beginning to frustrate you, "when will they come?" you say to yourself, "how much longer can I stand the wait?" Yet, you try to remain calm and collected. Don't let them see you sweat. Then, the moment you had been waiting for all year begins! First you only hear a patter of feet... triumphant feet. Then you see flapping. Small children mistake the flapping for a flock of birds, but you know better. It is a flock of beagles. Too many to count, you lose yourself in the moment. As the beagles come up over the hill, cheers arise out of the crowd. This is what makes Louisville great. Here all things are possible. Even The Great Beagle Migration. This truly is Possibility City.

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