The Dog Toy Achilles Heel

Corners are the Achilles Heel of the dog toy. Yet, there are few things with no corners. Unless I would like to make a set of rainbow color blobs for dog toys, they are a necessary evil. Why not though? Why not have a weak spot? Not that we don't avoid our weaknesses when at all possible, but everything in life has them. My creative goals involve, as stated in an earlier post, making a dog toy that does not look like a set of 9 year old boys created them. If this has downfall of having a design that is otherwise tough and durable, but has a few corners... I will not abandon ship on that design!

But still, where there is a problem, a creative person thrives on creating a solution. I want to work on some playful (and playful to the human's eye) corner-less dog toys. Right now T-bone fits the bill, but hasn't and corner free friends. So here is what is in the works... a couple egg toys, and maybe a cloud or two. Hopefully I can get the egg toy that I am most excited about out soon. Currently I am working on stocking up for the booth I will have at the end of a race in Louisville, Kentucky in two weekends. More on that to come! If there are any creative corner free toy ideas that you would like to see made, throw your ideas my way!!!