It is hard being a dog that lives in a dog toy factory

Privileged enough to be asked to make the official Great Beagle Migration Dog Toy, I got excited about making dog toys to sell with the dog in my Lyonesque shop on Etsy!
I personally have a beagle that loves nothing more than to chew toys to death. The problem comes with the fact that he will not touch anything that isn't plush; heaven forbid I give him a rubber toy that would last more than a week.
My goal making these toys was to make something that was plush, squeaky, but that would last through hours of obsessive chewing. Sure, I can buy something like this in the store if I hunt, but have you ever noticed how the color schemes and designs of these toys look like a 9 year old boy designed them? They are ugly! Finally I found the best stitch that I double stitch for strength, and a tough all-cotton material and off I went! My beagle has had his toys for over a month, with no holes yet!!!

Baron Von Bacon is shown above. But why is the Baron so angry? The story goes that after finding his wife wrapped around a cocktail weenie he went in to a rage. His rage led him to stab them both using a toothpick sword. The Baron never recovered from that event; ever since that day he has been a renegade.

Have any suggestions of things I should make? Let me know!!!!! I will try to work up a design, maybe I will sell it.

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